The NYC Naval Academy Parents Club Mid Express will be available for travel from USNA to NY Penn Station (8th Avenue and West 33rd Street)  for a round trip during Thanksgiving Leave and to return to USNA at the end of Winter Break.   From the drop off point at NY Penn Station, your Mid has a lot of travel options:

  • NYC trains and buses
  • continue on to Long Island using the LIRR from Penn Station
  • continue on to New Jersey using NJ Transit Trains from Penn Station
  • walk to 6th Avenue and West 32nd Street to take the PATH trains to New Jersey
  • walk 9 blocks to the NY Port Authority Bus Terminal at 8th Avenue and 40th Street to take a bus into New Jersey
  • walk about a mile to Grand Central Station for Metro North trains to Westchester and Connecticut

The reservation form for the NYC NAPC Mid Express is live! You are not reserved until payment is complete.

To reserve your spot on the NYC NAPC Mid Express click here.  To complete the Mid Express sign up, fill out the google form. At the conclusion, you will be directed to the PayPal page for payment. If you are not directed there, or need to come back to it, payments should be submitted through the NYC NAPC PayPal link .

For more information, you may reach out to the NYC NAPC President at