Applying to the US Naval Academy

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USNA Admissions
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Prospective Students
Steps for Admission

Contact your Blue and Gold Officer as soon as you receive your official candidate letter.   Your Blue and Gold Officer will be an important source of information during the application process and will perform the official interview.     The contact information for your BGO is located in your Candidate Information Page.

Other Sources of Information

Try to attend one of the Congressional Academy presentations or local Service Academy presentations. They are good sources of information related to the Service Academies.

Congressional Academy Days

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Viewbook and Class Profiles

The Viewbook provides you an overview of the Naval Academy, the admission process, life at the Naval Academy, academics, athletics and career opportunities.

USNA Viewbook (online)
The Blue and Gold Book

USNA 2024 Class Portrait

Nomination Sources

Enter your Zip Code to determine the Represenative for your Congressional district
NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
NY Senator Charles Schumer
Vice President Kamala Harris
President Joseph Biden

Navy and Marine Corps (Active and Reserve)
Children of POW, MIA, Deceased/Disabled Veterans
Children of Medal of Honor recipients

See Nomination Sources for more details

Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar introduces high school seniors many of the activities that the midshipmen participate in.

Summer Seminar