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Driving on to the Yard

Prior to PPW, you will receive a temporary Midshipman Parents Pass (MPP) that will be valid through the end of August.    You will receive a background check form in the mail for applying for a MPP that will be valid for the four years that your Mid will be attending the Academy.   Fill it out and send it in as soon as possible.    There have been stories of some parents who didn’t apply for the MPP or misplaced it and couldn’t drive on to the Yard when they came to visit.   Here are is  Temporary MPP Letter received in 2015.    If you lose your MPP, replacement MPPs must be requested by your Mid.   They will need to email a replacement request from their “” email account to the Pass and Id office.   Your Mid will be notified when they can pick up the replacement and will need to mail it to you.

The MPP will also help you get through the visitor line at Gate 1 faster because you won’t need to go through the metal detector.

Unless you have a DOD ID, you will need your Midshipman Parents Pass (MPP) with approved government issued ID such as a driver’s license (there are several states whose driver’s licenses are not acceptable) or passport in order to drive on to the Yard.       Please see the Visitor FAQs for the list of states that have restrictions.     During the week, you will only be able to use the MPP to drive on to pick up / drop off your plebe.    On weekends, parking is permitted in non-reserved space (Mid Store, Hospital Point and by the docks are probably your best bet).

A more expensive way of ensuring that you can drive on to the Yard is by becoming a member of the Naval Academy Club.   You will be issued a parking pass valid for the year when you are a member.   You will only be able to drive through Gates 1 or 8  between certain hours (currently 9:00 am to 10:00 pm) but the big benefit is that you can park on the yard on a weekday when you display it on your dashboard.   Good Luck finding a parking spot.   It isn’t easy during the week


Visiting Annapolis

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Guide to Visiting Annapolis



No visit to the Naval Academy is complete without a visit to the Midshipman Store aka The Mid Store aka The Mid Mom Store. All profits from the Mid Store supports the Brigade of Midshipmen.

As a parent of a midshipman, you are entitled to shop at the Mid Store. Class of 2020 parents should look for your temporary pass in the I-Day Info packet. It will be valid a few days prior to I-Day and a few days after. During Plebe Parent Weekend, you will receive a card valid for the four years that your Mid will be at the Academy.

If you can’t make it to the Mid Store, you can satisfy your USNA merchandise fix by visiting the U.S. Naval Academy Store website.